September 26, 2017

This is a question I've heard a lot, and it's a great one!!

So I want to address it for a minute.


What's the difference in microneedling treatments? For example, your hairstylist or esthetician who does your facials and massages offers it, and the cost is a lot less than some other places.

Also, there are rollers you can buy online so you can do your own treatment at home, as often as you want!


Basically, the main difference is the length of the needles; this sounds scary, but it's really really important, and it literally makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! (we are talking millimeters, so it's a very small amount, but in the skin it matters)

Microneedling devices have regulations and restrictions. There are esthetic devices that are very restricted on the depth; they CANNOT go beyond the stratum corneum, or the dead skin cells on the surface. Going deeper than this technically turns it into a medical device; manufacturers cannot sell medical devices to someone who isn't in the medical field (registered nurse, nurse practitioner, doctor, etc). This esthetic device is usually the roller, or similar type of device.

A treatment with this type will facilitate exfoliation of your skin, and give it a smoother look and feel which is great, but it does not reach the layers of your skin where collagen production can be effected.

One more important thing to point out, especially if you are doing this at home, it is VERY important to make sure your face is clean before, and kept clean after the treatment, and that your roller stays clean. This makes sure you don't get an infection or cause other problems.


Medical microneedling devices are allowed to go beyond the stratum corneum, into the dermis layer of the skin. This layer is where very important structures of the skin live, this is where the magic happens and where your own growth factors are released, and collagen and elastin production is increased after the treatment.

This, in my opinion, is the reason to do microneedling treatments. This is what gives the beautiful results that have been seen. (also I need to note, this version of treatment is probably a little more uncomfortable, which is why we give numbing cream, so you are completely comfortable during the treatment- being a medical provider allows us to do that) 😉

Hopefully this was helpful.

The bottom line is microneedling is amazing; wether you are doing your own at home, or you're having it done by a medical professional, it's good to be proactive in your skincare and skin health, so way to go!!


As always, if you're curious about it and want to see if it's a good option for you, come see me for a free consult.



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