Exfoliating & Skin Brightening Treatments

Zero to minimal downtime skin treatments are available to smooth out skin tone, brighten the skin and smooth acne scars and fine lines.


Exfoliating treatments like dermaplaning will remove dead surface skin cells which clog pores, make lines look worse and skin look dull. It will also remove peach fuzz hair from your face leaving a smooth clean glow to the skin. 


Chemical peels will shed the surface skin cells while stimulating the deeper layers of the skin, making it look and behave like younger skin. Increased collagen and faster turnover of the skin will brighten, smooth out and improve texture.

Microneedling is the ultimate treatment in stimulating collagen production. A pen shaped device is used to create microchannels, or tiny holes, which stimulate the body to increase it's own collagen and elastin. More collagen in our skin leads to healthier and younger looking skin making microneedling the ultimate in preventative treatments for anti-aging.  

Results can be seen with one treatment, depending on the skin concern however multiple treatments are be recommended.

As with the other treatments offered at Raw Aesthetics, downtime is minimal and all skin types are great candidates for this treatment.